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Hello everyone!!
How are you today?

This time I would like to tell you about a joyful story.

So, last week its my 16th birthday. I am so happy that a lot of people congratulating me. I want to say thankyou to all friends and family. Especially, I want to say thankyou so much to my best friend, Ariel, Ado, and Fida.
The day of my 16th birthday, they suprised me. It started in the morning, they just acted normal and not congratulating me, but it's okay and I did't even realise that. We talked normal and studied like usual until that "things" come. I asked them to hangout with me but they said they can't because Fida must go to BEC, so do Ariel and Ado must do SSR.In that time I realised that Ado and Fida is SSR but why Fida went to BEC and Ado do SSR,but I just let it flow. So,I went to TNI Mosque alone and back to class to wait for Germany Class. 
When Germany Class was going to start, they haven't back yet. So, I spamed the group message. I told them to hurry. I felt weird when they came back together and in hurry. And the Germany Class ended.
After the class I want to went to tridaya faster, but suddenly Ariel called me "Anet" and I came to him and talk with him "Yup.What's up?" And suddenly he gave me a bag of gift. There were Ado,Fida,Ariel and Me. I opened the gift and there were a three books that I really want to buy. That time I felt so joy, sad, happy, and grateful that I had a best best bestfriend. Thankyou, All. I'm feeling blessed in 16.

Selasa, 17 Januari 2017

Hello,its been a long day without you my blog ☺
First, I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!!

This time I will tell you about my wonderful holiday. Even the official holiday started at 24th December, but,because I had nothing to do in school, I already stayed at home since one week after the test(hehe sorry miss). I went to cinema with ado and fida in the last day of test. First week I stayed at home and watch film or series. Because I had my period, for one week I just sleep, eat and repeat. For one week my weight increased (extremely) hehehe. Second week after test, I went to mall everyday, I met my friend from junior high school, my friend from elementary school, and of course my best friend. I went to cinema again and again.

Holiday started at 24th December. I started my holiday with jogging, pray duha and read Quran until 12.00, I pray dzuhur and don't forget to read Quran. I always went out after zuhr, because it's hard to go to mushalla when you play with your friend  and because I'm too lazy. When I went out with my friend, we just went to the cinema and ate. If I went to my friend house I will just lie and play phone. Technology made us autism of gadget. We always focused on our gadget, we took some selfies and we went home.

On 28 December,I went to Dusun Bambu and Floating Market in Lembang with my cousin, without our parents. I went out at 12.00 and arrived at 15.00. When I went too Lembang, I was trapped in traffic for one hour. If the traffic was not bad, I would've arrived faster, because my house was near from lembang. I just played canoe, ate some foods, and went home. On my way home, the traffic got worse. It took 2 hours to arrived at home and arrived at 22.00.

On 29 December 2016, I went to Cimahi to attend my cousin's wedding with my other cousin and always without my parents. It took 3 hour to arrived in that place not because the traffic, but the place was so far from my house and we were lost on the way. The wedding was outdoor. The view from the place was so wonderful, we can see a whole of Cimahi City. After the wedding, I went to my cousin home, because I've promised.

On 30 December until 31 December I stayed in Dago, my cousin's house with my other cousin. We celebrated New Year from Dago, we can saw a whole Bandung City from Dago. The firework was so loud and the sky was colorful because there was a lot of fireworks. Meanwhile, I and my cousin just ate a ramen and fell asleep at 02.00

I started 2017 in Dago and Panyileukan. I stayed 2 days in Panyileukan. I came home on 3 January 2017. After I came home, I started my day with bought new book, studied, went to cinema, ate, and slept. Of course everyday I watched Kdrama or Western Series.
That's all about my holiday. Thankyou for viewing and reading. Have a nice day!

Selasa, 01 November 2016

Muhammad al Fatih, The Conqueror of Constantinople

Muhammad al Fatih, The Conqueror of Constantinople

Muhammad al Fatih was the most famous among the kings or sultans of the Uthmani kingdom. He was the seventh sultan in the history of Bani Uthmani. Al Fatih was a title that always adhered to his name because he was the one who conquered the East Roman Empire which had ruled for 11 centuries.
Sultan Muhammad al Fatih ruled for 30 years. Beside the conquest of Byzantium, he was also succeeded in conquering regions in Asia, unified the kingdoms of Anatolia and regions of Europe, and among his most important merit was his success in adapting the mature management system of Byzantium kingdom to the Uthmani kingdom.
Character of A Leader which was Shaped in Early Years
Muhammad al Fatih was born on the 27th of Rajab, year 835 H or 30th of March, 1432 AD in the city of Erdine, the capital of Uthmani kingdom at that time. He was the son of Sultan Murad II, the sixth king of the Uthmani kingdom.
Sultan Murad II had a great concern for his son’s education. He forged his beloved child to be a great and tough leader later in his life. His concern was proven by how the little Muhammad had finished his memorization of the 30 parts of the Qur’an, learned hadith, comprehended the science of jurisprudence, studied mathematic, astronomy, and war strategy in his young age. Beside that, Muhammad also learned many kind of languages, such as Arabic, Persian, Latin, and Greek. No wonder that at the age of 21, Muhammad was very fluent in Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Hebrew, Latin and Greek. Amazing!
Even though he was still very young, Muhammad’s father, Sultan Murad II, had trusted him to rule a region with the guidance of some scholars. His father did that to make his son realize faster that he would carry massive responsibility later. Guidance of the scholars were hoped to be a compass to direct his son’s mind, so that it always goes in line with the correct understanding of Islam.
Becoming the Uthmani Ruler
The first step Sultan Muhammad took was to realize his ambition to create strategic military and foreign policies. He renewed pact and agreement that was made with neighboring countries and his military allies. Rearrangement of those agreements were aimed to deprive the influence of Roman Byzantium kingdom in the neighboring countries of Uthmani kingdom, both in politic and military fields.
Conquering Byzantium
Sultan Muhammad II also prepared more than 4 million soldiers that will besiege the Constantinople from land. During the besiege of Byzantium fortress, many of the Uthmani soldiers were dead due to the strong defense of that fortress. The besiege took place for no less than 50 days, and it truly tested the patience of the Uthmani soldiers, drained out their power, mind, and logistic.
The strong defense of this great Roman empire had been seen from beginning, Before the enemy reached their fortress, Byzantium had built fence on their sea front using metal chains that stretched across the Gold Horn Peninsula. It was impossible to touch the Byzantium fortress except by passing trough those chains.
Finally, Sultan Mahmud found an idea which he thought was the only way to go through that fence. His idea resembled what the Princes of Kiev, who attacked Byzantium on the 10th century, did. The Princes of Kiev withdrew their ship out of the Bosphorus strait, encircled Galata, and relaunched it on the Golden Horn. Unfortunately, their soldiers were still suffering defeat from the Romans of Byzantium. Sultan Muhammad did the same, but in smarter way. He took his 70 ships with him across Galata to the estuary after they oiled the logs. It was done in a very short time, less than one night.
At the morning, the people of Byzantium were dead shocked, since they didn’t think that Sultan Muhammad and his troops could get their ships through land. In their belief,mTo take across 70 ships through land which was still covered with large trees and cut down its trees in one night was impossible, but that exactly what happened.
A fierce battle was unavoidable, and the untouchable fortress – the symbol of Byzantium’s power – was finally attacked by soldiers who were fearless of death. Finally, that great, 11 centuries-aged emporium, fell to the hands of the muslims. That great battle resulted in 265.000 casualties from the muslim soldiers. On the 20th of Jumadil Awal, year 857 H, coincided with 29th of May, 1453AD, Sultan al Ghazi Muhammad managed to enter the Constantinople. Since then, he was famous with the name Sultan Muhammad al Fatih, the Conqueror of Constantinople.
When he entered the Constantinople, Sultan Muhammad al Fatih dismounted from his horse and prostrated as the sign of his gratitude to Allah. After that, he marched to the church Hagia Sophia and ordered his people to change it into mosque. Constantinople was made as a capital, the center of Uthmani government and its name was changed into Islambul, which means “Islamic country”, then it underwent some changes into Istanbul.
Beside that, Sultan Muhammad al Fatih also commanded his people to build mosque at the grave of a noble companion, Abu Ayyub Al Anshari – may Allah be pleased with him-. one of the Prophet’s companions – peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- who passed away while attacking Constantinople at the caliphate of Caliph Muawiya Ibn Abu Sufyan – may Allah be pleased with him-.
What he did – the construction of mosque upon a grave – is undoubtedly against shari’a, since the Prophet – peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,
أَلاَ وَإِنَّ مَنْ كَانَ قَبْلَكُمْ كَانُوْا يَتَّخِذُوْنَ قُبُوْرَ أَنْبِيَائِهِمْ وَصَالِحِيْهِمْ مَسَاجِدَ، أَلاَ فَلاَ تَتَّخِذُوا الْقُبُوْرَ مَسَاجِدَ، إِنِّي أَنْهَاكُمْ عَنْ ذَلِكَ.
“…Know that the people before you had made the graves of their prophets as a worshipping place, but don’t you make grave as a place for worshipping, because I truly forbid you to do such.” (Narrated by Muslim, no. 532)
The mistake that he did shouldn’t make us denying his great services to Islam. May Allah forgive his mistake and errancy – may Allah have mercy on him-.
After that, a string of strategic conquest was achieved by Sultan Muhammad al Fatih; he lead his troops to conquer Balkan, Greece, Romania, Albania, the small Asia, etc. He even had prepared troops and strategy to conquer The Roman Empire in Italy, but death had prevented him realizing his plan.
The Civilization that was built in his time
Beside famous as a skilled general in war, who managed to expand the power of Uthmani kingdom more than other sultans, Muhammad al Fatih was also known as a poet. He created a diwan, a collection of his poetries.
Sultan Muhammad also built more than 300 mosques, 57 schools, and 59 bathing places in various regions of Uthmani territory. His most well-known legacy was the mosque of Sultan Muhammad II and Jami’ Abu Ayyub al-Anshari
The Death of the Conqueror
On the month of Rabiul Awwal, year 886 H or 1481 AD, Sultan Muhammad al Fatih went out of Istanbul to fight in Allah’s Cause, while actually he was unwell. In the middle of his journey, his illness worsened. A physician was brought to cure him, but no physician nor drugs could benefit him anymore, and he died amidst his soldiers on Thursday, 4th of Rabiul Awwal, year 886 H or 3rd of May, 1481 AD. At that time, Sultan Muhammad was 52 years old, and had ruled for 31 years. Some said that Sultan Muhammad al Fatih died because he was poisoned by his private doctor, Ya’qub Basya. And Allah knows best.
There is no valid evidence that indicate where did Sultan Muhammad II intended to lead his soldiers. Some said that he was heading to Italy to conquer Rome, but some others said that he aimed for France or Spain.
Before his death, Muhammad al Fatih willed to his son and successor to his throne, Sultan Bayazid II, to always be close with the scholars, be fair, and not being fooled by wealth, and seriously maintain his religious commitment for himself, his people, and his kingdom.
May Allah reward you for your merits, O Sultan Muhammad al Fatih…

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Juanet Khairunnisa and Fida Izzaturrohim

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2016

The Pig King

The Pig King
In a peaceful kingdom, there ruled a king and a queen. They were happy, except that they had no children and were unable to conceive.
One evening, the queen was in the royal garden and fell asleep. The queen dreamt of three fairies. These three fairies saw that her greatest desire is to have a son. They decided to grant her wish. The first fairy decreed that the son would be handsome. The second fairy decreed that the son would have every virtue a man could possess. The third fairy, who was mischievous in nature, decreed that the son would be born with the skin of a pig, and he would act as a pig, and he would remain a pig until he was married three times.
The queen thought nothing of the dream until weeks later, when she realized she was pregnant. Nine months later, she gave birth to a child–who was indeed a pig. The king wanted to throw the baby into the sea. But he soon decided that, having no heirs, having a pig for a son was better than having no son at all.
The pig-child learned to speak and walk but whenever he could, he acted very much like a pig. He loved to roll around in the mud. But the king and queen endured this behaviour because pig or not, he was their son.
When the pig was older, he expressed an interest in finding a wife. The queen resigned herself to find a woman who would take her pig-son as a husband. Eventually, she convinced a poor woman to wed her eldest daughter to the pig prince.
The Pig KingThis poor woman actually had three daughters, and the three daughters were beautiful. The eldest daughter who was now princess-to-be did not like the idea of being wed to a pig, prince or not, and resolved to kill her soon-to-be husband on their wedding night. She was cold and distant to the pig prince before and during the ceremony and the reception.
After the wedding, when the filthy pig prince laid down in his bed next to his new bride, he was just falling asleep when he accidentally drove his sharp hooves into her breast. She died instantly.
Both the queen and the pig prince were upset about the fate of the new bride, as she had been lovely, if a bit unhappy for being forced to marry a pig. The queen convinced the poor woman to wed her second daughter–just as lovely as the first–to the distraught pig prince. With some reluctance, the poor woman agreed to the marriage.
Unfortunately, the second daughter met the same fate as her elder sister. In the night, just as the pig prince was falling asleep, he kicked his second bride in the stomach and drove his hooves into her, killing her.
The pig prince was even more distraught than before. He was sure that no woman would want him for a wife, and that his form was doomed to kill any woman that would at least bare to lie with him. The queen felt sorry for her soon and beseeched the poor woman to allow her youngest daughter to marry the pig prince.
The Pig KingThe poor woman was extremely reluctant, but the young daughter said humbly to the queen that she would be happy to serve her country and marry the sad pig prince. She was kind to the pig prince before the ceremony, and during the lavish reception afterwards.
On their wedding night, the young daughter got into bed with her new husband. But the pig prince, instead of falling instantly to sleep, shed his skin, and revealed himself to be a handsome man–human. He told her that even though he was now a man, he would continue to wear his pig skin during the day, as this is what the public expected to see when they looked upon him.
It was not long before the young now-princess was with child. The queen was afraid that the new child would be a pig or a hideous half-creature. It was then that the princess confided in her mother-in-law that in fact, her son was now a handsome man. To prove it, she asked the queen and the king to come to their bedchamber that night so they could see him tear off his pig skin.
That night, the king and the queen arrived, and the prince tore off his pig skin to show his parents that yes, he was no longer a pig, but a man. Everyone was thrilled. The princess gave birth to a child, and the pig prince was known hence forth affectionately as King Pig, or the Pig King.

1. Why the king cancel his plan to throw his son into the sea ? Because...
     a. He loves his wife
     b.He believed to his wife dream
     c.He thinks about his reputation
     d.He thinks better than not having child
     e. He thinks that good to having son as first child

2. What is the favorite activity that pig-child always do ?
     a. Play in his own room
     b. Play with pid in mud
     c. Speaking with the Queen
     d. Roll around in the mud
     e. Walking around Castle with the King

3. How was pig-child feeling after kill his second wife?
     a. Sad
     b. Sorry
     c. Scared
     d. Lament
     e. Hopeless
4. ".... during the lavish reception afterwards." (Paragraph 11)
     The underline word has the same meaning with ...
     a. Rich
     b. Costly
     c. Swank
     d. Deluxe
     e. Exuberant

5. How was the end of the story ?
     a. The third wife was dead
     b. The Prince became a King 
     c. The Prince still in pig looks
     d. The King and The Queen dead
     e. The Princess gave a birth a lot of pig-child


Selasa, 27 September 2016

Unforgettable Moments



                 Everyone had their own unforgettable moment in their life. It can be sad, happy, disappointed, moved,  or many more. Everyone can tell their own story in their language. This time I will tell you about my most happy and touched moment in my life. enjoy xx
               One day in 2006,I saw all my family was gathered together in Bukittinggi (Of course without me). I brust into tears immediately. I cried and said to my mom "when we can join the family gathering?"  "not this time, honey. We didnt have enough money" she answered. After hearing that answer, I cry louder than before. After that I prayed to Allah more devout. I cried to Allah,tell all my problems. I feel better when think " just I let it go and gratitude". The days after that accident when I feeling better, I opened my facebook and BOOM ! I brust into tears again. Why? Why? MY AUNTY HAS UPLOAD THEIR FAMILY GATHERING EVENT. OMG ! I know I can't turn back time. I know I can't change the fact that "ONLY MY FAMILY WHO IS NOT THERE" . Sometimes I think just let it go,but sometimes I think why I can't be like that. I try to make myself relax and I fall asleep. After that accident,I truly fully fine.
             One year after the accident, precisely one day before Eid. I heard a new that all my family was in Bukittinggi again and of course without my family. This time I'm not going to cry because "I'm truly fully fine" I not tell my father or mother about my feelings. Suddenly, my father told me to go to Jakarta. I thought "oh okay,just go to Dufan and go back to Bandung" On the way, I fell asleep. When I woke up,BAM! suddenly we arrived Soekarno Hatta Airport. My Father told me that my mother and I will go to Pekanbaru and go to Bukittinggi by land. OMG OMG SUBHANALLAH. I felt so so so so so happy. BUT I was sad in the same time because my father. He did not come with us. Because that happens in 2007, I think I'm not cry. But now,after recall that moments I feel so sad. hehe :')
        Thats all for today!! thank you to read my story!! love ya! xx 

Minggu, 25 September 2016

Essay Writing Competititon

Essay Writing Competititon
First Indonesian Presidential Election by The People
by Juanet Khairunnisa

On 20 September 2004, Indonesian people do the first presidential election. Previously the presidential election is selected by People’s Consultative Assembly. People’s Consultative Assembly in the past consisted of member paliameny, representatives of the Group, and the Regional Representative. This is first Indonesian presidential election by the people. This was the second ballot for the presidential elections, due on the first ballot on July 5 with no candidate is elected. According to Law No.23 of 2003 on the Election of the President, to be elected, a candidatate must obtain at least 50 percents of the valid votes and get at least 20 percent of the vote in a third of the provinces in Indonesia in the first round . If no candidate meets these requirement, then held a second round of elections, where the candidate with the most votes would became president.
          In he first round of he presidential election of 2004, there five candidates contesting. They are Wiranto, Megawati, Amien Rais, Sulsilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and Hamzah Haz. Of the five candidates,  Megawati Soekaro Putri and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono made it into the second round of presidential elections. Megawati Soekaro Putri and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gained 26.6 percent earn 33.6 percent of the valid votes. In the second round, Megawati paired with Hasyim as a candidate for vice president, Meanwhile Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono paired with Djusuf Kala .
          The presidential election was held two rounds, because there are no candidates who managed to get more than 50%. Megawati Soekarno Putri received support from major parties like the Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle leads, Golkar, the United Development Party, the Prosperous Peace Party and smaller parties more. Meanwhile Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received the full support of the Democratic Party that nominated and the Properous Justice Party as well as everal other parties. Winner of Presidential Election 2004 is Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
          Change of power took place smoothy and the history of Indonesia who have never experienced a change of power of riot. The only flaw in this power shift is not the presence of Megawati Soekarno Putri at the inauguration ceremony of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as president. News is that so far the electoral operations run safely and without any significant problems.
          The surplus of the this Presidential Election
1.     The President has the advantage of a strong legitimacy.
2.     The system more accountable.
3.     Check and Balance legislative – executive balanced.
4.     Criteria for Presidential candidates can be assessed directly by voters.
The drawback of the this Presidential Election
1.     The system gives opportunity Presidential candidates must be of a large party and with substantial funds.
2.     The People’s Consultative Assembly is no longer authorized to elect a president.
3.     The President is not accountable to the People’s Consultative Assembly.
That’s all an information about a First Indonesian Presidential Election by The People in my country.I  hope the next election can be better than before. That’s all from me. Wassalammualaikum.

My Favorite Childhood Place

       Yuhuuu,this is my fourth post in this blog. This time I want to tell you about my favorite childhood place. Sorry for typo and blablabla. hehehe enjoy ;)

        First I want you to know that im West Sumateran. But I was born in Bandung. My parents, my grandfather and my grandmother waw born and rised in West Sumatera.
       When I was 2 years old, I went to Bukittinggi. Of course, I went to Jam Gadang " Big Clock ". I just remember from photos in my childhood album. In that photo I can feel the happiness. So I decide that Jam Gadang is my favorite childhood place.
       Jam Gadang (literally "Big Clock") is a clocktower and major landmark of the city of Bukittinggi, West SumatraIndonesia. It is located in the centre of the city, near the main market, Pasar Atas, and is a tourist attraction. This clocktower has large clocks on each side. (source Wikipedia).
          Jam Gadang is not far from my house is around 2km. If I go to market I will pass Jam Gadang. Around Jam Gadang, there were restaurant, shopping place, mall, market
and etc.
    The History Of Jam Gadang
The structure was built in 1926 during the Dutch colonial era, as a gift from the Queen to city's controleur. It was designed by architects Yazin and Sutan Gigi Ameh. This building is built without steel and used glares. Originally a rooster figure was placed on the apex, but it was changed into a Jinja-like ornament during the Japanese occupation. Following Indonesian independence, it was reshaped to its present form resembling traditional Minangkabau roofs (see Rumah Gadang). 
         Every event Jam Gadang will celebrate it. Example, Eid. Every Eid Jam Gadang will in decorated. A lot of beautiful decorations around Jam Gadang. A lot of people will come to Jam Gadang. Example,me. I always play fireworks with my family. There were a stage, a street vendors, and many more. But there was a lot of accidents too. In 2007, when my family and I went to Jam Gadang. There a man whose hands are exposed to fireworks, people carried him to hospital.
       So, the core of all this post is about miss Jam Gadang. hehehehe thats all from me. Wassalamualaikum.